Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ain't nothin better.

Than a night out with friends. Haha, its hard to understand how friends work sometimes like, what do you concider a friend? For me its a group of people who can be together and be themselves. Lately I have enjoyed just being with friends. No worries, of how you look, smell, taste? Anyways its just all around good fun. So we are sitting in a Del Taco and Mattew Ward starts playing the game would you rather.

Would you rather is a game where you must choose between two awkward items, such as;
Would you rather fart everytime you kiss someone, or wink everytime you say the word, like?

So Matthew asks Jordan McNally, who according to Landon has been working out because "her but is HUGE!", would you rather have one nostril or, have you butt cheeks go horizontal instead of vertical? After a moment of thinking Matt said he would rather have 1 nostril because if he went down the slide with horizontal butt cheeks that they would make a raspberry sound and they flapped down the slide. HAHA honestly, who thinks of these things. So Jordan replies that she as well would choose one nostril and then I replied that her, being blonde, brain would fall strait out of her head. And I quote she said that she would be like "DUHH!!".

Sometimes all you need is a few good friends, a car, and a couple of Root Beers to make a night one of the best.