Sunday, May 1, 2011

Wall Flower

Yep, I have officially become that person who plants themselves on the walls at social gatherings. I never believed I would be an AWKWARD person when I came back from my mission but tonight was a harsh reality check.
Here I am a Return Missionary, I've spent the last two years making small talk and being super social but when it comes to a party with new people and old friends, I buckled under the pressure. I was that guy who stood off to the side constantly checking his cell phone for some kind of escape. Even face book couldn't cure my newly discovered disease.

Finally when friends arrived on the scene, they came said their hi's and were back out the door.
At one point in the evening there was cake, which eventually turned into an epic cake fight. Somehow water balloons mixed their way into the equation and everything became a soaking, cakey mess.
To top it all off, instead of throwing the water balloons and cake, I ended up cleaning it up... party animal, let me tell you. I think at one point I would have rather of stayed at home, less embarrassing. At least at home its safe to be uneducated in dancing, but at a party... nothing screams awkward like the person who refuses to dance for fear of embarrassing him/herself.

I have become that person.... ugh... what happened to me.?