Monday, November 9, 2015

Starbucks cups, get over it!

Seriously, it's a freaking cup. It has holiday colors on it, and people are offended there isn't more Christmas plastered all over it? Give me a break!
Let me tell you how to effectively let Starbucks know you aren't happy with their decision. 1. You can write them a letter. Let Starbucks know about your disappointment due to the lack of Christmas on your cup. 2. You can draw on your own cup, really all Starbucks has done is just enabled you to be creative and write what you want on your cup. 3. Don't buy Starbucks during this Holiday Season. Your money speaks louder than words. You can always get your coffee or hot chocolate fix somewhere else. There was coffee made before Starbucks and there will be coffee for a long time after they are gone.
But to all my friends who are so upset about their coffee cups, Christmas was never about coffee cups, toys, or department stores. Christmas was a time to remember the birth of the Savior of the world. It's not so much about how others help you remember Christmas, as it is how you and your family remember Christmas.
Go serve others, go spend time with your family, go caroling, go see a live nativity, spend time with the elderly, surround yourselves in the Christmas spirit by remembering, teaching, and living like the Son of God. I'm pretty sure we have better things to worry about than the design on our coffee cups.
But those are just my opinions. Merry Thanksgiving everyone!