Monday, March 30, 2009


Gosh there are sometimes that I really desipise the LDS people. Not to say that this reflects the Church in anyway but the fact that people feel that they have to right to say what they want because they feel it is in the best interest of someone else is rediculous. In other words someone thinking that they have the right to tell a Bishop or Parent something that they "Know to be true" about someone elses child or something like that, when in reality the thing in which they speak never happened, is ... bull crap my brothers and sisters. Some people feel it is their duty. The last time I checked we have free agency to choice to do what we please. It is understandable that there are consequences to these actions but it is in no means meant for someone to pressure someone into repentance or confession. GET A LIFE. or better yet FIX YOURS FIRST! Frick people listen to me. Free Agency = the freedom to make choices on your own hopefully to make it to where we all need to be which is CK3. But this does not mean that others are allowed to step in (unless they are parents) and say something about their actions.

Maybe I'm strongly against it because I'm all about self choice. But really? Fix your life before you start trying to critique others'. Its not your duty to report everything you hear... what are you 4, "Mommy Mommy Danny stuck his finger in the light socket!" GOOD FOR DANNY DANGIT he'll learn not to do that again on his own he doesn't need your help. FRICK I'm just mad at this. Listen. The Church tries to teach us to be self dependant. Give a man a fish he'll be fed for a day, teach a man to fish and you'll feed him for a life time. Think about that. If you tell someone they are doing something wrong and that they are screw ups they'll change because you told them to, for the moment. Teach them that God loves them and what he expects from us and let them change on their own and they will be blessed and learn for a life time. Idk tell me if I'm wrong but I'm sticking to my points.

1. Don't say somethimg unless you know the whole truth.
2. Fix your life before you decide its your obligation to fix others