Sunday, November 23, 2008


Its interesting huh? One moment you sit there in a perfect state of bliss and happiness but then the realization comes. Your thoughts seep into your head and you know that what your doing is wrong. Maybe not wrong but its definitely not right at the moment. Defining whats right and wrong is depending on a couple of variables.

First: How do you feel?

How do I feel? That's a question you have to look on the inside for obviously. Is the sitiuation making you happy, sad, frustrated, joyful. You are the only one who can completely answer that question. But there are friends to help with that as well. Such as a good friend would tell you that you seem ____. In that sense you could take what they said to heart and contimplate that. But all in all it comes down to what you think. You can't make your decisions off what others tend to tell you.

Second: Are you changing?

Is the situation your in changing you? If so how so? Is it making you a better person? Are you more depressed? Things like this are obvious signs to answer question one. In some instances you make think you are happy and everything is good but when you look at how you are changing you may not like it. Something might not be going right and you decide you want to change that. That is a good way to tell if something needs to be done.

Third: Is the situation going to effect something important to you?

Sometimes our decisions change our future. But we have the option of not letting it change for the worse. Or we can decide to make something that is upcoming easier. Say you don't want to smoke but you hang out with smokers, to me that sounds like a horrible place to put yourself because you eventually may smoke.

But we are all forced to make decisions in life. No matter who we are we all have to make them. And whether they hurt you or someone else make sure that your first priority is how you feel. I makes everything easier to deal with in the long run.

Life is interesting when it come to choices because it can change drastically with small choices. If traveling around the earths equater in a straight line one should end up in the same exact place upon arrival back to the start. But if one diverts only 1 degree off course you could end up 5 hours away from your initail starting point. Life is the same but just not as noticable until you are 5 hours away so to speak.

Sometimes it may be for the good or the better, but until that part of your life ends you wont see the effects of your actions. Just keep in mind that worrying about the future will only stress you because you won't have an idea where you will end up till later. So forget that fight you got in with your significant other. Don't worry about whether you should wear that red dress or the black one, because the outcome won't matter until way later. And lets face it why would you want to worry?