Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Whole World (Song)

I think its kinda self explanatory

My Whole World

This could be the last time
Choose your words carefully and say
What you really wanted
Because theres no room left to play
We're balanced on a tight rope
no room for error or we both fall down
We're walking on the eggshells
Of misused words we sadly found

But today is the day
Where we both try to figure out
What to say what to say
Cause its almost over now

Cause all I ever wanted
was to love you
and all I ever needed
was your smile
I took it all for granted
But I meant it
When I said , When I said
You're my whole world

I fight the tears that come now
As I fight the words that hurt inside
I never wished to say them
I never wanted to say goodbye

But today is the day
Where we both have to turn around
Our separate ways our separate ways
And finally figure out

That all I ever wanted
was to love you
and all I ever needed
was your smile
I took it all for granted
But I meant it
When I said, When I said
You're my whole world

So this will be the last time
I ever get to kiss your pretty face
I hope one day you'll realize
Realize to yourself and Say

That all he ever wanted
was to love me
and all he ever needed
was my smile
I took it all for granted
But he meant it
When he said , When he said

That your all I ever wanted
and I love you
Your all I ever needed
and your smile
I took it all for granted
But I meant it
When I said, When I said
You're my whole world

Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Moment Like This (Song)

I wrote this song about 2 years ago for two of my dear friends who fell in love. Its about the epic battle two people have when they first like each other to make use of the moment that brings forth their first kiss. Cody Lehr and Kristen Laidlaw are an example of what I want my relationship to be with someone when that day comes again. They are so sweet to each other and they truely do love each other with all of their hearts. This is the original song I wrote for them and I wanted to post it before I changed it up, and I want to let them know how happy I am for them. I strive to find a relationship that lasts like yours does and I hope to be as happy as you two.

Without any more Jabble lol....

A Moment Like This

Your misty eyes they glow

Like the sun when it touches snow

It sparkles and takes my breath away

And our hands touch over time

In this beat up car of mine

I feel like flying away

I'm a nervous wreck



This is the time

When a person really shines

And shows the world what they've learned

To overcome it all

A moment like this

Deserves a special kind of kiss

It shows the world that the girl that you love

Is worth a moment like this


We sit and talk all night

About whats dumb and what you like

from music to how you do your hair

and that awkward silence nears

its one of my worst fears to sit in

the silence of the dark

Oh this feeling




My trembling fingers

Touch your hair

We dare not move

And I dare not stare

And our hands they tighten

On a night like this

Our bodies shake

and we finally kiss




Sunday, April 26, 2009

This is awesome!

This my friends is the newest member to my family! Kinzie Joan Canfield! Its funny how nothing seems to matter when a new child is born. For a minute everyone stops and ponders the mysteries of God. As we sat and talked my brother Gene mentioned that Kinzie doesn't cry. I thought that was awesome but then again she had only been alive for 6 hours so she didn't really have much time to show off those lungs! And this got me thinkin. 6 hours ago Kinzie was with our Heavenly Father. I wonder what goes on in the conversation between God and a child as they are about to embark into the world. Does he warn her? Does he give her tips? Does he tell her that she is being sent to a loving home? I'm sure the last thing he tells a Child is, "I love you... and I will see you soon." HOW comforting would that be?

Preparing for a mission I tend to think about this alot. I'm going to miss my mom (I don't say my dad cause he's tough haha he will tell me to suck it up and be a man dangit!). If you ask my brothers she is one of the biggest influences in all of our lives. When we needed advice we go to her. When we are having a problem she is the first person we call. My mom is one of the single most important people in my life, and I'm going to miss her alot when I'm gone. We are talking about a lady who never missed making me an easter basket for 18 years, who still marked Santa Clause on my gifts this last Christmas and who when everyday I got home from work (at 8 A.M.) sat and talked with my while I ate breakfast. Saying good bye to someone who loves you so much is probably one of the hardest things a person has to do, but we know that we have to do it.

I think the same thing applys to Heavenly Father. I think its hard for him to let us go but he knows we have to do it. Which brings me back to Kinzie. She is at the point of starting a new adventure. I new path, a brand new life. She only has a certain amount of time left on this earth to leave a mark in peoples lives. To live her life to be an example of Jesus Christ. Now mind you she may need to learn how to crawl and walk and talk first. I am starting a new adventure. This time in my life is an awesome one. I get to teach and meet new people and tell them about Gods great gift of eternal life. Its kind of hard to be scared when you know that God is on your side. :) Luke 1:37

Humble yourself.

Does it surprise you sometimes how our pride can become a road block in life at times? Sometimes I just don't understand. A humble heart can make a blind man see, can heal a leper, can revive the dead. We can all see the miracles that happen to people who humble themselves into allowing the Lord into their lives.

I have a friend named Jade who 1 year ago wanted nothing to do with the Church. He was addicted to smoking and other things. He humbled himself and was challenged to read the Book of Mormon. In which he did. Did he stumble? Of course. But one year later I was able to watch him open his mission call. How awesome is that?!

I think sometimes we all need to sit back and take a look at our lives. Find whats causing us the most pain and fix it. I know thats what i've done and for the most part it has worked out so greatly. I love my friends, the Gospel, and am proud to be able to have the opportunity to serve a mission. I am so greatfull to be worthy to go to the temple and It will be an awesome experience. But for those who are not worthy, don't forget that its never to late and that the Lord loves you. Enter back into his fold and he will wrap his arms around you and embrace you with blessings of Love and Peace.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Testimony

I know though that I am about to embark on something great, but I can only feel like something big is about to happen. I don't know what it is but... something is going to happen soon. In this case I want to bear my testimony so that when I or others are in need of a spiritual uplifting it is able to be read.

This is for my family, friends, and specifically for Teylor Lytle and Matt Stewart.

I have a testimony of God the Eternal Father and his son Jesus the Christ. I know that they love me. I know that God hears my prayers that he blesses my life with the ability to live in such a great and marvelous time. I have testimony in the atonement that Christ paid for me, that my sins are able to be forgiven so that I may be able to return to God. I wish to be more like him, compassionate, loving, obedient, humble. I know that one day I will have a chance to meet him and I will only be able to try to thank him. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the true church. That Joseph Smith was able to kneel and ask for the truth and received an answer from God himself. That the Book of Mormon was translated in the hands of a modern day prophet. I know that it is true. I believe in the words which were written by prophets of old. I have a testimony in the family. That it is the single most important thing in our lives. That all paths lead to the temple so that we may be able to live with our families forever. I believe in the message of hope. That in these latter days that we should be happy. That with our family we may be able to endure to the end. That we should have hope and love so that we may be able to get through the rough times. I love my Mother and Father. My mom is the single most important woman in my life, I love her so much. I wish that I could be more like her. She holds our family together and loves me with all her heart. I am grateful for a father who shows me that no matter what life throws at you, you keep going. I testify that God is my father, and loves all his Children. I believe in Jesus Christ and I am prepared to meet him again. I so testify in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mormons Love College

I love the beat to this song and its such a shame that its probably one of the worst songs I listen to lol. So I remade my own to listen whenever I want!

Here it is ...

Mormons Love College


hat party last night was awfully crazy
I wished we taped
I danced my face off with the girl
my companion dated
Spiked coke into the lemonade
Pictionary's what we played
Passed out at 3 Wake up at 10
Then Go to church say the prayer AMEN
Man I love college HEY
I love Preaching HEY
Modest women HEY
I love College

I wanna go college for the rest of my life
being a mormon is flippin tight
FHE on monday night
followed by days of choosing the right
sometimes it gets rough
So lets all look up
2nd Nephi and Isiahah
And I'll show you whats up
I am champion at ping pong
Ya can't beat Hinkley or Monson
Get the friend and ensign in my house
See that girl who “Waited”
A companion she's datin

A letter from you mom followed by a dear Jon
letters from friends and all they could say is

That party last night was awfully crazy
I wished we taped
I danced my face off with the girl
my companion dated
Spiked Coke into the lemonade
Pictionary's what we played
Passed out at 3 Wake up at 10
Then Go to church say the prayer AMEN
Man I love college HEY
I love Preaching HEY
Modest women HEY
I love College

I served a mission for a year or 2
But Never really broke any rules
well chatted on facebook for a few
but got yelled at by my companion
but don't ask what the food is till its all gone
and take showers but don't stay in to long
Make sure your food calender has been written on
and when it comes to P days get your game on
Hold to the rod
but nothing wrong with some fun
Just remember its to college when your done
A letter from you mom followed by a dear Jon
letters from friends and all they could say is

That party last night was awfully crazy
I wished we taped
I danced my face off with the girl
my companion dated
Spiked Coke into the lemonade
Pictionary's what we played
Passed out at 3 Wake up at 10
Then Go to church say the prayer AMEN
Man I love college HEY
I love Preaching HEY
Modest women HEY
I love College

Now if everybody would please
Grab your gallon of milk and wait for me
Wait for me to start the time

Chug chug chug chug chugh chug chug chug chug
Greenie Greenie Greenie Greenie
Dont throw up don't throw up don't throw up don't throw up
Gallon Challenge Gallon Challenge

Thursday, April 9, 2009


In the game World of Warcraft you see alot of people saying LFG ... LFG means looking for group. What it is used for, for the most part is for people trying to find a group to go fight with them because they can't do it on their own. Today felt like a LFG day for me. It started off a normal day with waking up, I didn't feel to good but later started to feel better. So in the decision of starting to regain my social life I decided to hang out with someone. Well I soon found out that I had no one to hang out with. Yes that is correct I am obviously friendless. Have pitty on me for I have no friends haha. But actually I do have a couple, luckfully Sebation was able to help me out and hang with my in the midst of my tramatic life realization. So we hung out and did nothing for about as long as I could stand. Finally I was just about at the end of the road ... I had no where else to turn to ... but I just had to do it. I posted a LFG on Facebook, and very little people responded.

"Blair Canfield, anyone doing anything tonight? Anyone?"

Of course I got a few pitty ones,

"laundry and dishes...wanna help?" and "I'm taking my wife and daughter to Tony Roma's...thank you for caring!"

But of course, no one wanted to hang out with me. So now I admit, I have no friends and no social life but thats ok because I am currently LFG haha :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


For all those who fell for my April fools day joke on FaceBook haha I am very sorry. This is for you though to show you how much I care! Haha if I had really won a $1,000.00 It would have gone towards my mission. For those who have no clue what im talking about haha I will post what everyone else heard and got to see below.

It started when I posted a Status update on FB

Blair Canfield just won a thousand dollars from a del taco cup!!!!!
People started flooding my page with msg's stating haha good try and oh your lying. Well I was haha but thats besides the point.

Then I explained what had happened.

" I was just enjoying my delicous Chicken Soft taco combo meal and they were doing that little cup game thing and if the two tags matched you go whatever it was ... from like Fries up to 100,000$. I got the 100 dollar prize which is like in the middle. So I went up to the cashier who called out the manager. They checked to make sure that the numbers added up with the cup and then they called the regional manager who drove over and presented me with a check for $1000. And yeah my mom was like ... April fools blair lol ... april fools... I was like I so hope not haha and yeah so I have 900 dollars (100$ goes to tithing) to do whatever the heck i want with ... haha i'll save it for my mission."

Then people wanted proof.

So I provided

This is real...

These are all real....

But the cup ... is fake. Its the flyer you get when you roll through the drive through.

Actually the only thing that I got for free was the coupon on the back of the flyer for a free fish taco. The money come from my parents business. Sooo when I posted these pictures everyone started believing ... kinda.

Soo if you did believe me ... Rachel ... I am sorry haha it was just a joke no money. I'm still broke but hey I got a good laugh :D

Monday, March 30, 2009


Gosh there are sometimes that I really desipise the LDS people. Not to say that this reflects the Church in anyway but the fact that people feel that they have to right to say what they want because they feel it is in the best interest of someone else is rediculous. In other words someone thinking that they have the right to tell a Bishop or Parent something that they "Know to be true" about someone elses child or something like that, when in reality the thing in which they speak never happened, is ... bull crap my brothers and sisters. Some people feel it is their duty. The last time I checked we have free agency to choice to do what we please. It is understandable that there are consequences to these actions but it is in no means meant for someone to pressure someone into repentance or confession. GET A LIFE. or better yet FIX YOURS FIRST! Frick people listen to me. Free Agency = the freedom to make choices on your own hopefully to make it to where we all need to be which is CK3. But this does not mean that others are allowed to step in (unless they are parents) and say something about their actions.

Maybe I'm strongly against it because I'm all about self choice. But really? Fix your life before you start trying to critique others'. Its not your duty to report everything you hear... what are you 4, "Mommy Mommy Danny stuck his finger in the light socket!" GOOD FOR DANNY DANGIT he'll learn not to do that again on his own he doesn't need your help. FRICK I'm just mad at this. Listen. The Church tries to teach us to be self dependant. Give a man a fish he'll be fed for a day, teach a man to fish and you'll feed him for a life time. Think about that. If you tell someone they are doing something wrong and that they are screw ups they'll change because you told them to, for the moment. Teach them that God loves them and what he expects from us and let them change on their own and they will be blessed and learn for a life time. Idk tell me if I'm wrong but I'm sticking to my points.

1. Don't say somethimg unless you know the whole truth.
2. Fix your life before you decide its your obligation to fix others

Friday, February 13, 2009

Are you going to finish strong?

Sometimes in life we fall, and we always think that we have it the worse. And i'll tell you one thing, I have thought that I have had it the worst. Where it seems as if my life itself seems more devistating than it is good, but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel there is always a goal worth reaching for there is always something ... The man in this clip states ... that if you try and get up and you fall again and again and again... are you going to give up? It doesn't matter how many times you try, its how you finish.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ain't nothin better.

Than a night out with friends. Haha, its hard to understand how friends work sometimes like, what do you concider a friend? For me its a group of people who can be together and be themselves. Lately I have enjoyed just being with friends. No worries, of how you look, smell, taste? Anyways its just all around good fun. So we are sitting in a Del Taco and Mattew Ward starts playing the game would you rather.

Would you rather is a game where you must choose between two awkward items, such as;
Would you rather fart everytime you kiss someone, or wink everytime you say the word, like?

So Matthew asks Jordan McNally, who according to Landon has been working out because "her but is HUGE!", would you rather have one nostril or, have you butt cheeks go horizontal instead of vertical? After a moment of thinking Matt said he would rather have 1 nostril because if he went down the slide with horizontal butt cheeks that they would make a raspberry sound and they flapped down the slide. HAHA honestly, who thinks of these things. So Jordan replies that she as well would choose one nostril and then I replied that her, being blonde, brain would fall strait out of her head. And I quote she said that she would be like "DUHH!!".

Sometimes all you need is a few good friends, a car, and a couple of Root Beers to make a night one of the best.