Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Moment Like This (Song)

I wrote this song about 2 years ago for two of my dear friends who fell in love. Its about the epic battle two people have when they first like each other to make use of the moment that brings forth their first kiss. Cody Lehr and Kristen Laidlaw are an example of what I want my relationship to be with someone when that day comes again. They are so sweet to each other and they truely do love each other with all of their hearts. This is the original song I wrote for them and I wanted to post it before I changed it up, and I want to let them know how happy I am for them. I strive to find a relationship that lasts like yours does and I hope to be as happy as you two.

Without any more Jabble lol....

A Moment Like This

Your misty eyes they glow

Like the sun when it touches snow

It sparkles and takes my breath away

And our hands touch over time

In this beat up car of mine

I feel like flying away

I'm a nervous wreck



This is the time

When a person really shines

And shows the world what they've learned

To overcome it all

A moment like this

Deserves a special kind of kiss

It shows the world that the girl that you love

Is worth a moment like this


We sit and talk all night

About whats dumb and what you like

from music to how you do your hair

and that awkward silence nears

its one of my worst fears to sit in

the silence of the dark

Oh this feeling




My trembling fingers

Touch your hair

We dare not move

And I dare not stare

And our hands they tighten

On a night like this

Our bodies shake

and we finally kiss





Kristen Marie Laidlaw said...
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