Thursday, March 19, 2015

Should I Own a Gun?

 This is a pretty cool video. When I went through my CCW (Concealed carry or carrying a concealed weapon) class the first time, my instructor taught us the responsibilities of owning and carrying a firearm. He taught us how we are held to a higher standard of safety, and that we would be responsible for not only our lives but those who live around us. Not just by protecting them with a gun, but by protecting them from the gun.

I didn't get my CCW my first time around. I chose not to. It was a lot of weight on my shoulders, all of that responsibility. But as time went on and I heard more stories of people being killed by those with guns, I realized that I would be defenseless if I ever ended up in any of those situations. I went back, took the course again, and got my CCW.

I don't think all people are meant to have gun. Just like, not all people should drive. Not all people should own a credit card. You see all of these things require something, RESPONSIBILITY. You have to be responsible if you are going to own a gun. You have to educate yourself, take the proper precautions, teach your children the do's and don'ts of gun ownershipe, and if you can't do that, you shouldn't own a gun.

The people in this video were caught off guard. The were shown all of the horrible things that guns can do but weren't given the option of being positively persuaded to know that guns also save lives. The news doesn't report on the situations where a registered CCW holder saves the lives of those around them. Google "CCW saves lives" you will find plenty of cases where someone saves their own or others lives. Of course no one wants to own a gun who has killed someone. Even as a gun owner, I would feel really weird owning a gun that has taken innocent lives. People using guns kill people. The gun doesn't shoot itself.

These are all thoughts and ideas that have been said before, I don't claim to be revolutionary to them. But my thoughts on the subject of guns are this. If you want to own a gun, you need to feel ready to own a gun. Guns should always scare you, they are dangerous if not handled with care. So that is the question, are you ready to handle to responsibility of gun ownership? We you make sure you gun is safe at all times? Will you teach those around you about gun safety? If you feel responsible enough to own a gun, I would recommend it, not just for your safety but for the safety of others as well. If you don't then my advice to you is this, do not buy a gun. Take your time and wait until you can handle the responsibility of owning a gun.


Bob said...

Where much is given, much is required.

JalenJade (Jeff) said...

I'd dispute your comment about media reporting:

aaronnssd said...

I am totally impressed with this line from your article, "protecting others with a gun and also protecting them from the gun." This makes sense, as owning a gun comes with additional responsibilities. A professional instructor teaches the gun owner and gives them firearms training. Thanks for sharing this article, waiting for more. Firearm Safety Training