Saturday, July 12, 2008


It has a funny way of cleansing. The earth is made new. Feelings made clean. But it also makes you realize your faults. Just as if you were to wash the dirt from a rock you will still see its faults and jagged edges. "They always say that the good times come after the storm, when the clouds have all cleared and the weather is warm. But I'll argue the fact that I'll dance in the rain and be just as happy as those who are sane." Today the rain has done the same and although we are supposed to keep our heads up during our deepest and hardest times ... its hard to rejoice and be happy when life sheds one of its great lessons on us. But all we can do is whats right and try to maintain complete happiness. It is something that we all must go through in life but keep the upper edge and love one another. Such a simple rule he asks, Keep my commandments, but when we don't do as he asks things can get rough. So do what is right and hold to the rod.

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