Friday, September 23, 2011

Too Much on my Mind

Tonight is one of those nights where there is just too much going through my mind to sleep. It’s not little things either. More about my future and the things to come. Why is this time in my life so full of hard choices haha?

I miss those good ole days hanging with the guys before volleyball practice playing Halo. Or kickin it at Taco Bell after school. Driving up to Mt. Charleston and hiking up a mountain. Those were the days where the choices that you made didn’t really have Mindmuch of an effect on what your future looked like.

Now it’s a whole other ball game. What am I going to become? Who will I marry? Where will I go for school? What will I do for work? All of the questions need some answers, at least for me they do and because the answers are not all set in stone its hard for me to be complacent with them. I need to feel like my life is mapped out before I go getting lost in the woods of life.

I understand that not all questions will be answered. For example I realize that I won’t really know who I will marry till it feels right. But the other questions about what I will be doing with my life I feel should be coming to more of a round up right now in my life than just starting to be developed.

For now, lets just hope I might be able to get some sleep.

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