Friday, July 11, 2008

Something I find Very Interesting

Something I think is very interesting is a simple bench. They are all over the place. I mean think about the last time you've seen one ... where were you? Around a park maybe. Waiting for the bus. Disneyland. There are so many different benches all designed for the same thing. For the simple pleasure of sitting. But have you ever thought of who has sat on that bench? Maybe one of your great ancestors or someone even famous. The ground around it changes but the bench never does. Its also a good place to meet new people. Converse about politics, music, the weather, things of the world, its a place to share information. Always serves the same purpose and is there to help people. What if we took the time to just sit and watch from the side lines. Instead of always being in the action we took the time to watch the world maybe meet a new friend there observing the same. To many people are in to big of a rush. Slow down take the time out of your day to sit and watch. Most of the times you will figure something out, whether it be about yourself or someone else it doesn't matter you are constantly learning.

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