Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Las Vegas

My Las Vegas is the suburban opposition to its stereotypical face of bright lights, night lifes, and parties. No my Las Vegas would have to be the soccer mom counterpart to the cocktail waitress scene. I live on the north end of town far away from the life which Vegas portrays. I live in a community with horses, parks, schools and Walmarts. It is the typical scene of any friendly neighborhood, just placed in Las Vegas. Our neighborhood starts its morning with friendly joggers pushing the world under their feet as they run to an unknown finish line. Followed by children making their way to school to gain an education. Around mid day there is not a sign of life outside due to the blaring sun rays. Then kids begin to have a happier attitude after arriving home from school, and you can usually always find a pickup game of basketball to join them in. Families spend time outside in backyards as twilight hits the skyline, and around nine o'clock it all raps up to start a new day. That is my Las Vegas.

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brock-for real!!! said...

you make it sound like vegas might be a good place to live.
nice post btw.