Sunday, December 14, 2008

She came, we talked, she left with my money ... story of my life

I am going to tell you a story of a boy who is stupid for answering the phone at 10:00 @ night.

Where to begin ... oh how about at 9:00 where this boy named Brayden decided to go to bed. Brayden had work in the morning and seeing as he usually passes out around 9:30 he thought it would be a good idea to get an extra 30 minutes in there. So anyways he goes to bed dreaming of sugar plum fairies and lollipops. While drifting away on a cloud into the Magical Noodle King's Treasure Vault full of noodles with cheese melted on them, there came a loud noise. He woke up to find that his phone was ringing and upon opening his heavy eyes he found that it was none other than his friend Coocoo Krazygirl. So he answered the phone.

Soon enough she told him that she was coming to his house and she did. After she was there they sat and talked till around 11:00 and by that time Brayden could barely keep his eyes open. She insisted on staying till 11:45 and Brayden graciously declined. Stating that he had work in the morning he demanded that she leave his house at once. After begging and pleading she made him a rediculous offer. Brayden must play her a song on the guitar and flex for her. Brayden said nay, nay nay nay nay nay. After insisting for what seemed like years for her to leave he finally just laid down in his bed. She being the WOMAN that she is grabbed the money out of his back pocket and left. 6 dollars and an hour later she left... and Brayden could finally get some sleep.


P.S. Alix you owe me six dollars


Beezy said...

I didn't even spend it. It's sacred money bahahahaha just kidding..but really i didn't spend it so you can get it whenever you exchange for a song and a flex

brock-for real!!! said...


jen and brody said...

What a nice story. Except the guy had two different names. Hmm... Haha. Fun that I found you on here!