Wednesday, April 1, 2009


For all those who fell for my April fools day joke on FaceBook haha I am very sorry. This is for you though to show you how much I care! Haha if I had really won a $1,000.00 It would have gone towards my mission. For those who have no clue what im talking about haha I will post what everyone else heard and got to see below.

It started when I posted a Status update on FB

Blair Canfield just won a thousand dollars from a del taco cup!!!!!
People started flooding my page with msg's stating haha good try and oh your lying. Well I was haha but thats besides the point.

Then I explained what had happened.

" I was just enjoying my delicous Chicken Soft taco combo meal and they were doing that little cup game thing and if the two tags matched you go whatever it was ... from like Fries up to 100,000$. I got the 100 dollar prize which is like in the middle. So I went up to the cashier who called out the manager. They checked to make sure that the numbers added up with the cup and then they called the regional manager who drove over and presented me with a check for $1000. And yeah my mom was like ... April fools blair lol ... april fools... I was like I so hope not haha and yeah so I have 900 dollars (100$ goes to tithing) to do whatever the heck i want with ... haha i'll save it for my mission."

Then people wanted proof.

So I provided

This is real...

These are all real....

But the cup ... is fake. Its the flyer you get when you roll through the drive through.

Actually the only thing that I got for free was the coupon on the back of the flyer for a free fish taco. The money come from my parents business. Sooo when I posted these pictures everyone started believing ... kinda.

Soo if you did believe me ... Rachel ... I am sorry haha it was just a joke no money. I'm still broke but hey I got a good laugh :D

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Rachel Rae said...


i officially hate you!
i cant believe i fell for that! HELLLOOOO!!! NObody wins those things! Geez blair! You planned that one out REALLY well! Props and congrats lol