Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Life is an interesting thing. Sometimes you are on top of the world and you ask yourself, " What could possibly bring me down?" Then those moments come when the world does a Jackie Chan move to your jugular, which means you aren't getting up for a bit. Why do we have to have these roller coasters in our lives?

I think our first reaction when things are going absolutely amazing in our lives, is to try to share whatever new found inspiration that has morphed inside us with everyone else.
"Don't stress there is no need in life that is so big you have to stress over it."
"Just relax and take life slow, no need to rush through it."
It's good and healthy to give that advise to others. They may not need it at the moment but they may eventually use it for their benefit. Also sharing what you have learned makes you feel important and needed. I recommend everyone share their feelings and discoveries in life in a non-overbearing caring way. Because these are self evident truths that don't change.

For example, we shouldn't rush through life. Why would you want to give away precious days of your life? Whether you be going through hell and back or you are just plain bored out of your mind you can always been learning and growing as a person.

But even though they are true it is always hard to be on the opposite end and hear these statements. How do you explain to a homeless child that there are lessons he needs to learn from his trials? How do you tell POW that he shouldn't wish for tomorrow, that he should embrace each day as it comes?

You can't, and if you can you better do it like mentioned above, in a carings non-overbearing manner.

Think back to a day where you felt like things were just wrong. The day you put yourself down. Told yourself you weren't good enough, fun enough, happy enough. Do you think that someone could have told you just to be happy and your mood would have changed? If you are anything like me, it makes it worse :P.

I think that the reason we go on the roller coaster in life is to appreciate the good times when they come, and learn from the bad times while they are here. How could we ever know what true happiness is, if we never knew what true sadness was.

Live your life, don't let days pass you by. Always look for the good in things. Keep your glass half full. Life is more enjoyable when you can learn to overcome your trials and love your life.

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