Wednesday, June 6, 2012

How to buy a car.

I was browsing on and I stumbled upon this little gem. I always wondered the best way to buy a car and this seemed to be a pretty decent way. Thanks to "Bobsmithshome" for the advice.

Here's what I do. I haven't done it for awhile because I buy new and keep the car a long time, but the last time I did this was 12 years ago, and with three cars before that:
1) Email a specific salesman. If I can't get an address from the dealer's site I email the general address and get the address of a salesman.
2) I also get the invoice price (or as close as I can to that). I add $300 to the invoice price.
3) I send an email to the salesman with an offer (invoice plus $300). I tell him that I have family in the car business, that I don't want to be a pain in the ass, and I assure him that if he'll agree to sell me the car for that price I will come in with a check and seal the deal.
4) I also tell him that I promise to give him and his dealer the highest rating possible on all survey questions. When you buy a new car you'll get a factory survey. These are extremely important to dealers, so promising to give them top ratings is an incentive for them to deal with you - even if they aren't making as much as they might otherwise.
5) I stress that I'll be very easy to deal with... that it will be a "no bullspit" transaction and that I won't waste his time.
6) I give him a couple of days to get back to me, or I'll need to move on, but I assure him that I always buy a car this way and it's almost always from the first person I contact. BUT, I also tell him that I'm in no rush, and if it will help him to meet a quota or put him over the top for any incentive his dealer has going for salesmen, I'm willing to hold off and time it so it's most advantageous to him (as long as it's within the next 30 days or so). This basically tells him three things: that I'm really not going to be a pain in the ass, that I'm not at all desperate or rushed, and that I see him as a person just trying to make a living. It just sets a much better tone.
7) I always honor any commitment I make to him - 100%.
This has worked very well for me. It really makes the process pretty painless. It involves just two or three emails back and forth and then I go in to sign the papers, hand him a check, and pick up the car.

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