Thursday, April 9, 2009


In the game World of Warcraft you see alot of people saying LFG ... LFG means looking for group. What it is used for, for the most part is for people trying to find a group to go fight with them because they can't do it on their own. Today felt like a LFG day for me. It started off a normal day with waking up, I didn't feel to good but later started to feel better. So in the decision of starting to regain my social life I decided to hang out with someone. Well I soon found out that I had no one to hang out with. Yes that is correct I am obviously friendless. Have pitty on me for I have no friends haha. But actually I do have a couple, luckfully Sebation was able to help me out and hang with my in the midst of my tramatic life realization. So we hung out and did nothing for about as long as I could stand. Finally I was just about at the end of the road ... I had no where else to turn to ... but I just had to do it. I posted a LFG on Facebook, and very little people responded.

"Blair Canfield, anyone doing anything tonight? Anyone?"

Of course I got a few pitty ones,

"laundry and dishes...wanna help?" and "I'm taking my wife and daughter to Tony Roma's...thank you for caring!"

But of course, no one wanted to hang out with me. So now I admit, I have no friends and no social life but thats ok because I am currently LFG haha :)

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Rachel Rae said...

If i lived there I'd hang out with you! haha Youre only friendless in Las Vegas Haha