Monday, December 8, 2008

"Just Live Your Life"

You can't always worry about what others do or say. Sometimes your life will go a different way and you wont have the same views on things. Things change, friends become enemies, enemies become friends, you lose people you love, and there are some people you would love to lose. But for some reason the grass is always greener over the next hill. Its all about getting up the first hill.

Like so today I just hung out with Matt and Shelby like nothin special. It started at 11:00 where Shelby decided to drag me into Joans (Junky. Overpriced. And. Nonsence. Scraps. , is pretty much what then sell) Well we got into this great store and automatically I felt out of place. The place was filled with WOMEN, tons of them, Women with children, Women who's children pushed them in wheelechairs, Women with nothing better to do with their time was pretty much what the store was filled with. Shelby started for the fabric, that automatically rings a bell for the most exciting thing possible to buy. We just trotted around, litterally like she trotted like a horse it was kinda cute, around the store. So we had to pull a number in order to get a person to come help us with our fabric, lucky number 65. So she is trying to get this lady to cut up her Fabric, but she didn't grab enough. So I laughed at her because she had to walk all the way back to get more fab. When she came back she still needed more so she had to go get more haha sucker. While she was gone the lady said you two are so cute and happy are you guys related and I go no, we just got ingaged :D haha. Little did Shelby know when she got back that I had let the lady know this haha. I'm sure that lady wasn't to sure of us from that point on.

Just live life how it plays out it works out better that way :D.


Anonymous said...

i like how cody looks pissed and landon looks like he is about to do some regulating.. why on earth are they in this picture anyways?!?! jeez la weez i mean come on!!! hahaha today was fun but i think that lady was not convinced... sorry dude! :D

Beezy said...

what the freak...i went shopping today and had to go to ulta which as you probly don't nkow is right next to joanne's and i really wanted to go in and look at the (guess what) fabric, but i fought the funny feeling i had to go in because im trying not to spend money on myslef right now. and guess what..i went at 11. not only that but while i was driving around by myself i started thinking about not talking to you in a while and not seeing shelby in a week! (nonsense) hmm thats what i get for ignoring my "funny feelings"