Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I can't figure things out sometimes, and with my crazy mind thats hard. I like to know everything I can and be able to know the whole situation. But sometimes that isn't possible I guess. Trying to put pieces of an unsolvable puzzle together is what I feel like I'm trying to do. Is there an answer to everything. I would think that every question should have an answer. Maybe I'm wrong. But my hope is, is that I can one day find the solution to solve some of the problems in my life. I mean that is what God is there for right? To show us the way when we need guidance... I guess I just answered myself. But its not just up to him. We have to search for the answers. I was never good at I Spy books so then again I think I have the disadvantage in this scenario. One of these days I'll ask god what the answers are, for now I guess I will just strugle, it'll put hair on my chest I guess.

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