Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Just wrote a new SONGGGG!!!!

Haha as some of you know I love music, love to write it sing it all that jazz (haha musical reference) but anyways here are the lyrics to my brilliant master piece. As well as the song ... hopefully.

I'm Already There
by: Blair Canfield

Verse 1
Living my life no worries no plan
Just trying being a good honest man
Got myself self a job, a car but no girl
Sometimes its better that way in this world
But there always Exit you don't mean to take
But usually it takes you to the right place
And you meet that girl who changes your life
who one day you wish that she could be your wife
Pre Chorus
The one thing thats hard to define
is loving that girl so much that I wish she was mine
Cause it just ain't fair and I won't back
to the feelings I had or the chances lacked
because life has unexpected turns it seems
And this time it worked out for me because
That I love her so much ...
All I can feel her touch...
Because I'm already there
Verse 2
So I got the guts to sneak out one night
And she hopped in the car I said hold on tight
And we rushed through the streets like we owned the place
I could tell she was happy by that look on her face
The night was perfect you could see the sky
A perfect night I thought I'd give it a try
I was wondering what she would want she'd want to do
She looked around and stated baby I want you
I said I'm SOOO there
and the feelings that you give me replace my air
that you steal away but I didn't say
The one that that keeps me from running away
That I love you oh so much...
And I long for your touch
Because I'm already there.
Verse 3
It just happens every once in a while
that a guy will find a girl and make her smile
by saying words that he knows is true
He says Baby I love you
Pre Chorus
Then she asked me quietly
Would you be there for me?
Promise me this I want to know
would you take me where I want to go.
I said we're already there
And when your with me you have nothing to fear
I'll take your breath away not just for a day
I mean forever you'll see
as long as you love me
I'll always be there

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